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Classes & Schedule
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The Legend offers a flexible training schedule and distinctive programs to cater to your specific schedule and training needs. Our course structure is finely tuned to maximize promising training results in the least amount of time.
The Legend training programs include MT Max, MT Kids and Personal Training.
All classes are conducted in English, although the words for certain technical terms are in Thai.
MT Max (Co-ed Adult Classes)
MT Max is structured in a semi-private setting and is designed for people whose primary focus is on a combination of professional Muay Thai training and an intensive fitness workout. It is perfect for those looking for more personalized, efficient Muay Thai training.
MT Max classes are an incredibly effective way to promote weight lose and to increase cardiovascular health and stamina. Whether you are preparing for competition, focused on improving your technique, or just interested in getting the most challenging workout possible, our trainers will push you to your limits and bring out the faster, stronger, fitter person inside you.
The class ratio is never more than three students to one elite trainer, devoting a significant portion of each class to one-on-one training. One-on-one pad work is the most distinctive part of Muay Thai training, and our small class ratio ensures your training session will always include a lot of it.  
The amount of personalized instruction makes MT Max as suitable for beginners as it is to seasoned Muay Thai athletes: our trainers will ensure you grasp proper Muay Thai techniques right from the start if you are new, or they can progress your abilities from any level you enter our gym with.
Typical class structure: 
  • Warm up - skipping / shadow boxing
  • Several rounds of one-on-one pad work with trainers plus ring tactics
  • Bag work and technique practice
  • Sparring and clinching (optional)
  • Free weights and abdominal work
  • Warm down
  • Overview discussion
MT Kids
Our kids program is designed for children under the age of 12.
Muay Thai is about continuous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-improvement. Muay Thai will improve a kids confidence and awareness. It is also good for developing motor skills, discipline, and determination. Muay Thai will also help a childs abilty to stay focused, and teaches emotional maturity and control.
In fact, studies have shown that children who practice Muay Thai are noticeably calmer, more reasonable and willing to negotiate than peers who do not play sports, and are much less prone to violence outside of the ring.
Typical course structure:
  • Warm-up sketching/skipping
  • Shadow boxing
  • One-on-one pad work with trainers
  • Bag work
  • Fitness Circuit
  • Waikru (Muay Thai dancing)
  • Warm down
Personal Training
We provide personal training to provide you with a tailor-made, entirely one-on-one top training experience with our elite Muay Thai trainers. Whether you are a complete beginner, advanced student or professional fighter, our personalized sessions are the fastest way to achieve your objectives.
Personal training is about working at your own pace in an intimate setting to meet your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. The direct instruction given by our trainers is undoubtedly the quickest way to improve your Muay Thai skills. Whether you are learning the basics, preparing for a fight, focused on losing weight, or increasing your general fitness level, our experienced trainers will tailor-design a training schedule to best suit your needs.
Trial Class
If you are interested in training with us you are welcome to attend our trial class. If you decide to enrol directly after the trial class is free, otherwise a one session fee will be charged.
To arrange your trial class, please email info@thelegend-muaythai.com to make an appointment.
Absolute beginners to Muay Thai are warmly welcome, just bring a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and drop in on us. Our staff members will be happy to help set you up, and our trainers are ready to give you the best Muay Thai training C and the best workout C youve ever had!

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